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Jul 21, 11, 10:46
CambridgeIP (Cambridge Intellectual Property Ltd) is an innovation and technology consulting company. CambridgeIP has assisted some of the largest global companies with open innovation strategy, technology mapping and technology market review. Through this work, CambridgeIP has helped companies identify strategic partners and collaboration opportunities, prospective acquisitions and clients. CambridgeIP has also assisted companies identify technology ownership in complex spaces, overlaps with client technology portfolios and open innovation opportunities in client and others’ IP portfolios.

CambridgeIP’s work has been covered in leading publications, including the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg.

For more information, please visit CambridgeIP.com or contact CambridgeIP at info@cambridgeip.com.

CambridgeIP additionally runs Boliven.com – a leading online information portal for the R&D community making available over 100 million scientific documents to users from around the world. Register for free to start using Boliven’s patent search features, or contact The Boliven Team (boliven@cambridgeip.com) to discuss how to gain full access to Boliven.com’s advanced features.