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Jun 13, 11, 07:53
Ultrasound institute of Kaunas University of technology (Lithuania)

Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), the largest technical university in the Baltic States, is the second largest institution of higher education of Lithuania. KTU scientists take part in different international programmes. International research co-operation and activities are mainly related to participation in European Union framework, EUREKA, EUROSTAR, Cost programmes. The University has signed 70 agreements of co-operation with different foreign institutions.
Ultrasound Institute is a part of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU). Ultrasound Institute of KTU more than 50 years is developing and implementing novel non-destructive testing (NDT) and diagnostic techniques (medicine and industry) and takes the major role in this specific scientific research field of Baltic countries. The main attention is paid for the application of ultrasonic non-destructive testing, imaging and diagnostics of various materials (including biologic tissues) and constructions and development of innovative ultrasonic measurement and monitoring systems. These systems are oriented to solve the complicated questions which are related to the construction safety and human health. The Ultrasound Institute has also experience in different areas of various applications of ultrasonic techniques for medical applications (investigation of osteoporosis, monitoring of blood coagulation, early stage cancer diagnostic of eye, skin and gastrointestinal tract). Also industrial applications such as aerospace industry, nuclear plants, space research, monitoring of various manufacturing processes, ultrasonic flow measurements of gases and liquids, development of non-destructive testing techniques for composite materials and etc. Research activity is performed according to orders and contracts with Lithuanian companies and with foreign companies, also in cooperation with other Lithuanian and foreign scientific research institutions. Ultrasound Institute has participated and is still participating in international projects sponsored by EU: FP5, FP6, FP7, Eurostars. The achievements of the Institute staff are well known abroad in academic and research fields and are highly rated. Activity of UI of KTU will have a huge influence in the creation of the national research infrastructure and covers the strategically important and worldwide promising scientific research area.

Scientific services (great experience and exceptional competence in such fields):
1. Special solutions of the non-typical and ill-posed problems of the ultrasound application in medicine (investigation of osteoporosis, early stage diagnostics of eye and skin cancer, diseases in the gastrointestinal tract, tissue characterization, analysis of the blood coagulation process) and industry (extreme conditions: radiation, temperature, pressure);
2. Specific "know-how" based knowledge about the application of the non-invasive methods for materials quality control (investigation of blood coagulation, material characterization in aerospace and composite industry);
3. Development of the special ultrasonic hardware and signal processing software, like measurement systems, data acquisition units, ultrasonic transducers, software for data analysis and et. al (air-coupled, guided waves, long range testing, medical applications);
4. Development of the novel and innovative technologies, which are fully compatible with the requirements of the end users and are market ready;
5. Development of the ultrasonic measurement validation procedures, which covers metrology support and the uncertainty estimation;
6. Special training of the personnel to work with ultrasonic measurement and diagnostics systems.

Application of ultrasound technologies for diagnosis, detection and monitoring - keywords:

ultrasonic; non-destructive testing; non-destructive evaluation; signal processing; modelling; ultrasonic imaging; R&D activity; material characterization; quality control; extreme conditions; ultrasonic transducers; long range; guided waves; air-coupled; immersion and contact; aerospace materials; multi-layered materials; composites; ultrasound in medicine; eye and skin cancer, malignant melanoma; investigation of osteoporosis, early stage diagnostic; ultrasonic tissue characterization; analysis of blood coagulation.

Our experience from collaborative projects in medical / health field:

EC FRAMEWORK 6 project TROY "Endoscope Capsule using Ultrasound Technology"
The aim - to develop an Ultrasound Capsule to be used as a first line exam for investigation of diseases in the gastrointestinal tract. Main application of the TROY project is to detect lesions in the gastrointestinal tract, such as cancers.
Activities of Ultrasound institute:
numerical modelling during design of the transducers array, development of the prototype version of the transducers array.
The Ultrasound institute developed an ultrasonic probe small enough (D<10mm, l<6mm) to be inserted inside the capsule. The probe is sending and receiving signals in 360 degrees, obtaining in this way the information needed for the software to generate a 2D image of the gastrointestinal tract. The third dimension of the images will be provided due to movement of the capsule inside the tract.

Eurostars project NICDIT, A Non-Invasive Expert System for Diagnosis of Intraocular Tumours (E!4297).
Development of non-invasive system for intraocular tumour diagnosis, its tissue characterization and parameterization which will consist of the innovative device-attachment, conventional non-invasive ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, innovative digital ophthalmoscope and sophisticated software.
Activities of Ultrasound institute:
The performed experimental study shows that the developed data acquisition system is suitable to acquire, to digitize with a higher sample rate and more precise amplitude resolution, also to store the ultrasonic diagnostic signals which are received from the conventional ophthalmological scanners. The obtained results of the performance test of the developed hardware indicate, that in future it is possible to develop the another own product: multi-channel opthalmological scanner which will be suitable to be connected with most of commercially available mechanical sector scan ultrasonic transducers (annular arrays).

Eurostars project SKINMONITOR, “Diagnosis of skin cancer based on ICT tools” (E!4846)
SkinMonitor will deliver non-invasive ICT based tools that improve the accuracy of skin cancer diagnosis by analysing and fusing information from digital images and ultra-sound data. By providing morphological information on the lesions, enables better assessment of cancer extent within the body.
Activities of Ultrasound institute:
In collaboration with the Department of Skin and Venereal Diseases (Lithuanian University of health sciences) the appropriate clinical trials of skin lesions such as dysplastic nevus, carcinoma and melanoma were performed. The ultrasonic data and optical images for more detailed analysis and differentiation were obtained. Further activities are in progress.

Our purpose:
We are ready to meet the new challenges in the R&D field, to use our exceptional competence and experience in order to satisfy the market demand (solving non-typical problems in industry & nuclear field, extreme conditions, aerospace, medicine and etc.). We are open for various forms of collaboration (like FP7 projects and etc.) and ready to establish new contacts !

dr. Renaldas Raisutis
Senior Researcher
Ultrasound Institute
Kaunas University of Technology,
Studentu st. 50
LT-51368 Kaunas
E-mail: renaldas.raisutis@ktu.lt