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paul parker
May 14, 11, 04:23
Health of an individual depends considerably on the diet that he or she takes. Every one of us must understand that adequate amount of nutrients are necessary in the body. So make it a point that you include the different kind of the essential nutrients in the daily diet. Every nutrient plays a unique role in the body and thus is needed in body essentially. Healthy diet is the backbone of the healthy life. Nutrients are the most important that performs variety of the functions in the body and helps the body perform normally. Here is the information about the essential nutrients that you need to include in your daily diet:

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is the essential nutrient in the body that helps in protein synthesis. It also helps to maintain the bone strength and proper functioning of joints. It is useful in production of synovial fluid. It is a necessary element for the blood clotting. The sources through which you can get Vitamin K in cabbage, spinach, cauliflower, cereals, meats, eggs, and lettuce.

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