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Nov 10, 10, 15:03
Dear all,

I am interested in scientific work or cooperation in the field of molecular and cellular photodynamic therapy (PDT).

I have a PhD. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I worked in many scientific centers of PDT study in Europe, such as Biophysics and PDT Group of Prof. Johan Moan in Oslo, Cancer Photobiology Group of Prof. Thierry Patrice in Nantes, and – as a holder of French Government Fellowship – in the Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris, under direction of Prof. René Santus. During these stays I got familiar with tissue culture and animal models of cancer applied in experimental study of PDT.

I have also good command of UV-VIS and IR spectrometry, fluorimetry and thin-layer chromatography as well as experience in NMR and ESR spectrometry, and in HPLC with absorption and fluorescence detectors.

More detailed informations could be found in my CV and list of publications enclosed to this thread.

dr. Andrzej Bugaj