View Full Version : Proposition for FP7 cooperation: bioinspired coatings, genetically engineered peptides for inorganics, bio-active peptides&proteins, ...)

Germaine Zocchi
Nov 4, 10, 13:38
The lab of Protein Engineering is part of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering (LBMGG) belonging to the GIGA-R centre of the University of Liège (Belgium).

We are interested in contributing to FP7 projects where our fields of expertise may be valuable:
- Nano-assembly onto inorganic materials via Genetically Engineered Petides for Inorganics (GEPI)
- Bio-inspired adhesives (adhesive proteins)
- Immobilization of bioactive peptides & proteins in view of material functionalization via: plasma deposited organic reactive interlayer, multilayer film technology, GEPI as linker
- antimicrobial surfaces and biofilm control

Please, see attached file for more detailed fields of expertise of our Team.

C.Vandeweerdt [at] ulg.ac.be , c.vreuls [at] ulg.ac.be , gzocchi [at] ulg.ac.be