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Aug 30, 10, 12:27
Simone van der Burg is a senior researcher in philosophy and ethics of medical technologies at IQ Healthcare, Radboud hospital, Nijmegen (the Netherlands). She is currently investigating the ethical quality of the recommendation to strengthen informed consent requirements surrounding the recently expanded neonatal screening practice in the Netherlands. This research is done in cooperation with TNO (Leiden) and the Ethics Institute (Utrecht). Until recently, she was an embedded ethicist in scientific engineering research conducive to photoacoustic mammography, a new technology for the detection of breast cancer, and the acousto-optic monitoring device for the non-invasive monitoring of oxygen and glucose in blood. This research was done at the University of Twente. She is interested in ethical Technology Assessment (its method and practice), public health ethics (esp. ethics of screening), ethics of science policy (esp. research funding), moral imagination, ontology of emerging technology. Van der Burg received a PhD in 2007 at the faculty of Philosophy at the Free University in Amsterdam.

Recent publications:
2010 Burg, Simone van der, Ethical imagination: broadening laboratory deliberations. In: Roeser, Sabine (ed.), Emotions about risky technologies, Series ‘International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology’, Springer

2010 Burg, Simone van der, Shaping the societal impacts of engineering sciences; a reflection on the role of public funding agencies. Innovation. The European Journal of Social Science Research, Vol 23:1, pp.25-36

2010 Boenink, Marianne and Simone van der Burg, Informed decision making about predictive DNA tests: arguments for more public visibility of personal deliberations about the good life, Medicine Health Care and Philosophy, Vol 13:2, pp. 127-142

2009 Burg, Simone van der, Looking at the soft impacts of technology, Social Epistemology; a journal of Knowledge, Culture and Policy, Volume 23, Issue 3, pp. 301-316

2009 Burg, Simone van der, Imagining the future of photoacoustic mammography, Science and Engineering Ethics, 15: 1, pp. 97-111

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