View Full Version : Introducing the INNAXIS Foundation & Research Institute (complexity science, economic impact, science promotion, social impact, systemic complexity)

Aug 30, 10, 09:21
Dear all,

I write here this thread to introduce the Research Institute where I work.
INNAXIS (innaxis.org) is a private, non-profit research institute, devoted to the promotion of Complexity Science and its applications. The purpose of INNAXIS is to produce helpful knowledge to address complex scientific challenges of significant social and economic impact. It intends to achieve this goal by working in open partnership with other players to identify relevant problems and to conceive innovative formulations and sustainable solutions.

INNAXIS considers as relevant problems those which develop systemic complexity, due to the interaction between multiple autonomous agents and to the diversity of organizational forms and of time and space scales. Transport systems and traffic management, macroeconomic evolution and financial markets, innovation and learning processes, threats and opportunities of globalization: in all these fields and many others, the combination of complex structures and social relationships with innovative technologies produce unexpected challenges to the traditional way of approaching scientific research.

INNAXIS works to address those challenges, by using interdisciplinary approaches, as well as the state of the art in mathematical modelling, nonlinear dynamical systems and computational simulation. The Research Agenda covers primarily three areas: 1) Complex Autonomous Systems & Artificial Intelligence, 2) Social Networks & Collective Learning and 3) Foresight & Governance of Complex Social Systems.

As a private initiative founded by business entrepreneurs, researchers and university professors, the INNAXIS Institute works to explore and develop the opportunities opened by Complexity Science for the advancement of human knowledge and welfare, by carrying on two types of initiatives:

- The creation of active networks of open-minded individuals and institutions throughout Europe and the world, in order to generate a continuous flow of unexpected formulations to systemic problems,

- The conception and execution of specific R&D projects in collaboration with others (whether universities, research institutions, businesses or public bodies) to address those problems with an approach of applied research, i.e. pursuing the active involvement of economic, political and social actors as well as the research communities.

It is the vision of INNAXIS to act as a catalyst which makes possible the emergence of relevant, ambitious and interdisciplinary ideas and projects, which would remain otherwise unattended or simply not conceived, in particular due to the barriers produced by knowledge fragmentation into closed silos and to the lack of sufficient interactions between science and society.

On the other side, you can also check my personal website (mzanin.com), to see a list of (not updated! sorry) publications. My research activity focuses primarily on Complexity Science, including extracting knowledge from complex data sources.