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Ulo Kristjuhan
Aug 22, 10, 19:29
Dear colleagues,
I am Associate Professor Ülo Kristjuhan from Tallinn University of Technology, School of Economics and Public Administration,Tallinn, Estonia.

I am interested, first of all, in theoretical and practical problems of prolonging work ability and postponing human aging (and prolonging human life). Our field studies showed that it was possible to postpone diminishing work ability and the onset of aging-related diseases about 20 years.
We are using questionnaires, field-based techniques, archival database information, and other methods. Some examples of our studies at present: “Prolonging work life of older and experienced university teachers” and “Telework as a tool for senior workforce”.

I am interested in new partnerships. You are very welcome to contact me if you think that we somehow could fit into your project.
Please see:
for my CV and last publications.

Ülo Kristjuhan
ulo.kristjuhan [at] tseba.ttu.ee