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Jul 29, 10, 12:28
PhD Ignaas Devisch is professor in Ethics, Philosophy and Medical Philosophy. He holds positions at Ghent University and University College Arteveldehogeschool, Belgium. He publishes in the fields of social and political continental philosophy as well as medical philosophy, philosophy of sports and ethics.

Recent publications in journals:

(2008) ‘An Open Future? The Principle of Autonomy within Medical ‘Codes of Conduct’ Versus the Heteronomy Effects of Predictive Medicine." (Central European Journal of Medicine) 3, no. 2: 141-48.
(2009) The problem of akrasia and contemporary health politics (Public Health)
(2009) We hold these truths to be self-evident: Deconstructing ‘evidence-based’ medical practice (Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice, co-author: Stuart Murray)
(2009) Ignaas Devisch and Francine Wynn, Meeting a patient as a singular event. A philosophical reflection. Aporia, 2, 1: 19-24
(2010) Devisch, Ignaas and Deveugele, Myriam, Lifestyle: style is never out of life. Bioethics at a Critical Juncture (Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics, accepted on 15022010)

The full list of my publications: biblio.ugent.be/person/801001238122

Further information: users.ugent.be/~idevisch/