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Jan 6, 10, 04:42
Can Penicillin VK (500mg) treat arthritis pain? Before you say, "no," please read further: I had a back molar crack/fracture. This tooth had a previous root canal so, while there was little pain directly from the tooth, an apparent infection set up. The dentist prescribed Penn VK (500mg) to treat it for five days prior to pulling it and another course of five days after the extraction. By the third day of the first course of Penn VK, my previous rather painful arthritis (diagnosed as "osteoarthritis") in hands, neck, lower back, and hip all but disappeared. Even the redness in my swollen knuckles was reduced. By the fifth day, I totally stopped all NSAIDS and required no Trammadol even though I stepped up my daily walking regimen. However, within a few days of finishing the second course of Penn VK, the pain in all the areas came roaring back. It is now worse than it has ever been. Was the respite from arthritis pain during the Penn VK treatment a coincidence or did it actually treat the cause of the arthritis pain?

Jan 7, 10, 09:44
I don't have any allergies except Penicillin. I am looking for proven home remedies to help with severe joint pain In my Shoulders, one I dislocated last summer, but never saw a DR. Pain is worse in that one. Also my knees, fingers, wrists and elbows.

Aug 3, 10, 10:03
Well, The cases are reported of two patients with chronic Lyme arthritis resistant to the recommended antibiotic regimens who were cured by long term treatment with benzathine penicillin. It is suggested that the sustained therapeutic levels of penicillin were effective either by the inhibition of germ replication or by lysis of the spirochaetes when they were leaving their sanctuaries.