View Full Version : Have you considered Botox to look younger?

Feb 10, 09, 02:49

I am wondering if you would consider having botox to look younger.

Experts says that having botox can be dangerous.

In rare cases, the toxin in Botox may spread to other areas of your body, paralyzing muscles and causing trouble breathing and swallowing. - FDA


Share your thoughts.

Feb 12, 09, 14:02
Injecting something into my forehead? No thank you. I'm perfectly fine with aging gracefully. :)

Feb 13, 09, 08:04
for me you can do it naturally. eating healthy foods especially those rich in vitamin E will make your skin healthy. with that you will look younger.

Feb 16, 09, 07:26
There is no way i'll do those things, plastic surgery and botox is an artificial way to look younger, Burnz is right because we can do it naturally from eating right amount of healthy foods. In addition getting a nice rest or sleep everyday is one of the main key too.

Feb 18, 09, 06:10
oh yeah! i forgot about getting enough sleep everyday will make you stay young and beautiful.

Dec 14, 09, 08:09
I woud rather sleep properly and live happily without much pain caused by my ownself! rather than making me feel horrible and thinking too much about the pains which is causing of some opertaions because of the aging.

Aug 3, 10, 09:59
Yes, Because Cosmetic medicine is the best, if contradictory, catch-all term to describe the vast range of treatments available today, including lasers, peels, injectables, legally and scientifically dubious embryonic stem-cell work and hormone therapy, as well as the scalpel.