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  1. Endocrinologist wanted for common EU project
  2. Posting rules and search Guidelines for the Partners international profiles for the scientific research partners search, research projects, research grants preparation
  3. My CV for the FP7 (data collection, data analysis, methodology designing)
  4. my resume (computer engineering, ICT, information and communication technologies)
  5. My cv (bioethics, ethics, healthcare ethics, medical philosophy, philosophy, philosophy of sports, political philosophy)
  6. My Cv (Biologist working with Fish Diseases)
  7. Biochemistry, molecular biology and molecular modeling
  8. Biosensors (for NMP, ICT, HEALTH calls)
  9. Peptide chemist, Fluorescence, DNA binding agents.
  10. Postponing human aging (age, aging, life prolonging, senior, work life, workforce)
  11. European funded projects (bioenergy, process modelling, process systems engineering, renewable energy)
  12. FP7 Single-particle imaging and synthesis of functionalized nanoparticles (biosensors, chemistry, imaging, nanotechnology, nanoparticles, nmp)
  13. Introducing the INNAXIS Foundation & Research Institute (complexity science, economic impact, science promotion, social impact, systemic complexity)
  14. My CV (ethical technology assessment, public health ethics, ethics of screening, bioethics, medical ethics)
  15. My Cv and publications (physicist working on modelling biological invasions and epidemics)
  16. Pulse Electric Fields for biomedical, environmental applications
  17. Osteo-articular biomechanics (biomechanics, bone, mechanobiology)
  18. Increasing bioavailability of polyphenols via nanoemulsions
  19. CV, osteoporosis, disabilities, publications
  20. Image processing and high performance computing in molecular and cell biology
  21. Molecular Cytogenetic analysis in Human and other Mammalia (including Rhodentia)
  22. CV Intelligent Systems and Educational Technology (BISITE) research group
  23. Social & Health policies/innovation/technologies - Partner offer (HEALTH, SSH, TPT, ICT)
  24. Oxidative and nitrosative stress in liver cancer cells
  25. CV for FP7 partners (audio segmentation, classification methods, data classification, image analysis, pattern recognition, security systems, video segmentation)
  26. interest in brain, CSF and blood flows (brain, csf, mri, pet)
  27. CV (3d imaging in forensic odontology, bruising photography, cross polarisation, forensic photography, image enhancement)
  28. Proteins - structure determining
  29. Pattern Recognition, Data Analysis, Bioinformatics, Signal Analysis, Experimental Design
  30. Biology of ageing and longevity
  31. CV stefy (peptide, protein, membrane interaction)
  32. Bioinformatics & Artificial Life
  33. CV-lipids flippases and their regulation
  34. Pattern Recognition, Learning Theory applied to MRI, brain mapping, fMRI disease detection and characterization
  35. Consortium participation.
  36. CV/ evolutionary ecology /epidemiology/ host-parasite interactions / infectious diseases / STS/
  37. Advanced Image and Video Processing CV
  38. CV for FP7 cooperations (medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, molecular modeling, structure-activity relationships)
  39. Proposition for FP7 cooperation: bioinspired coatings, genetically engineered peptides for inorganics, bio-active peptides&proteins, ...)
  40. working in photodynamic therapy, CV, publications
  41. My working areas (genetic toxicology, environmental toxicology, radioprotective agents, nanotoxicology)
  42. CV, Women's Health (females, gynecological cancer, rectal cancer, sexual function, sexual satisfaction)
  43. Text processing/text mining for biomedical documents
  44. OGX|OPTOGRAPHX -> optical 3-D shape measurement and analysis
  45. CV heavy metas(Cd and Cu) accumulation on Crayfish
  46. Institute of Neurobiology, BAS - research partnership
  47. Nanobiotechnology_Research partnership
  48. Partner in consortium
  49. "Ultrasound institute" looking for FP7 partners
  50. Stem cell physiology lab looking for partnership in 7FP
  51. My interests and experience
  52. Consortium - Innovative Medicines Initiative
  53. CambridgeIP Ltd - Innovation and technology consultancy
  54. Job Search
  55. Master in european project planning and management
  56. My Research
  57. My CV
  58. Strictly deterministic data analysis, no assumption, no hypothesis, no guessing, no fuzziness